Skepta - Greaze Mode (Feat. Nafe Smallz)

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I'ma break the law (Yeah)
Then I'ma break the bank (Yeah)
I'ma put some in the safe (Yeah)
Then I'ma throw some on the floor (Yeah)
Definitely make some more (Trust)
20 dates (Yeah)
Had to go back on tour (Yeah)
She can see how I'm flexin' (Yeah)
Count my blessings, praise the Lord (Yeah)
You know the steeze, super greaze (Greaze)
Nothin' nice, tell the promoter bring the Ps (Yeah)
Still ain't safe, I'm in the party wit' my Gs (Yeah)
And I just made your girl (Yeah), my girl
She's on her knees (Yeah)

[Chorus: Nafe Smallz]
On her knees (Yeah)
She see the D, she see the freeze (Freeze)
Rollin' trees (Yeah) from overseas (Woo)
Smoke for free, nigga please (Woo)

[Verse 2: Nafe Smallz]
'Low me
Big gelato, V.I.P. is lookin' cloudy (Yeah)
This Cali got me feeling drowsy
Never stressin', 'cause them killers, they be 'round me
It's best you leave me where you found me
'Cause we ain't with the disrespect, nah
Fuck your vest, we be aimin' at your neck
You know the vibe, yeah, the level set (Yeah)
Mind how you step, best step correct (Woo)
I got your girl addicted to the sex